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Explain how an understanding of basic chemistry might help scientists cure several diseases in the future. Can you identify any areas where understanding body chemistry is a hot topic of discussion today? Explain your answer Basic chemistry may be able to help scientists cure different diseases in the future and it has done the same in the past. Knowledge of chemistry at its most basic form is necessary to and really important in order to understand pretty much any area of biology from the behavior of organisms to the function of cells and also between organisms and their environment(Basic Chemistry Concepts, 1996). By understanding basic chemistry scientists may be able to cure disease and they have proven to do in the past. Vital functions of the body are important and
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Unformatted text preview: substances within the body that are directly related to our vital functions include; minerals, water and vitamins just to name a few; all of these directly work together and can have different reactions when mixed with others providing chemical reactions. There are many areas where understanding chemistry is a hot topic of discussion nowadays one if which is called Alzheimers. Scientists have come to believe that Alzheimers may be caused due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. Understanding chemistry can help scientists come up with ideas and possible cure not only for Alzheimers, but for other diseases as well. http://staff.jccc.net/pdecell/chemistry/chemtext.html (Basic Chemistry Concepts, 1996)...
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