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Illegal to hunt deer it would lead to a major infestation of deer in that area. This would cause an imbalance and hunting deer controls the population of deer. This makes it easier for the herds to survive; there would be a shortage of food for the deer due to the increasing number of them roaming around. I believe if they stopped deer hunting there would be more deer who would die from starvation than there would be if the hunters continued to hunt them. A lot of the money for wildlife and wetlands conservations comes from hunters/hunting. Look at it this way, what would you prefer to see; the slow painful, ecologically damaging deaths of hundreds of deer or, the quick humane hunter taking a few deer? An ecosystem are living and non living things that work together, for example, a lake, a desert, the ocean, and even a puddle can be an ecosystem. There are many
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Unformatted text preview: components to an ecosystem, for example, the soil, heat, light, water, living organisms, and the atmosphere. All of the components play an important role in the ecosystem. The various organisms that make up an ecosystem can assist with the elements in the system. The relationships of all of these living and non living things can play a role in all of the system as well. Two effects of human activities that are present in my local ecosystem are that the local markets have reusable bags for bagging items. The is so that we can decrease the use of plastic which is contaminating the oceans. Another activities is water harvesting, which is taking the rain water and using this for watering plants. I have several family members that use this and it is tough when you live in a very dry climate and the percentage of rain is limited. We do get a great monsoon season!...
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