Week 4 Dq 2

Week 4 Dq 2 - Kidneys were the first organs to be...

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Kidneys were the first organs to be successfully transplanted. Because a donor can live a normal life with only one kidney, should a person be allowed to sell a kidney? Explain. At first thought, I thought hey this could be possible. Why not? It is up to the individual and they would have to be able to regulate it somehow, could such a thing be regulated? I think it would be difficult to regulate and by that I mean there could be people who might start getting greedy and they may try to use roofies to then harvest the organs of an individual. This could happen and I am sure it has happened before. I have also seen this in movies, but I do not think that it is too farfetched. I do not think that people should be able to sell their kidneys; I believe we have two for a reason. Even though as a human we can function and still live with only one kidney, we would have to make major life changes if we only had one. I also remember I had a former boss who lost a kidney in an accident. Her life was not normal.
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