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A A P P A A 5 5 th th E E d d i i t t i i o o n n G G u u i i d d e e l l i i n n e e s s Quick Reference This guide is based on recommendations of the fifth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association published by the American Psychological Association (2001). The Publication Manual contains guidelines for three aspects of an APA paper: Page formatting Writing skills and mechanics References and citations This reference card will serve as a checklist for those three areas, but does not replace the need to study the APA Publication Manual . Page Format Headings Sections of a Paper All margins of one inch Double space throughout (including title page, block quotes, references, & between paragraphs) ( CTRL+2 ) Allow words to automatically wrap to the next line. Do not press Enter- key twice to double space ( CTRL+2 turns on double spacing in Word). Use 12-point Times Roman or Courier font only. Place a page header on every page including the title page (see the explanation on “Headings” to the right). Indent each paragraph’s first line one-half inch. ( TAB ) Alignment is flush-left leaving right margins ragged. Do not divide words or hyphenate at the end of the line. Do not use one-sentence paragraphs or lengthy paragraphs. Turn on widow and orphan protection in your word processor. ( FORMAT > PARAGRAPH > LINE & BREAKS ) APA formatting can be confusing because there are three elements using the word Head : Page headers, running head, and headings (section headings). Page Head ers: APA requires page number headers for all documents regardless of length or publication purposes. The title page is always numbered as page number one. Use the VIEW > HEADERS AND FOOTERS in your word processor to create page headers. The page header is aligned flush right ( CTRL+R ) with the short title, five spaces, and the page number. ( Running Head s: APA formatting requires running heads when your document will be submitted for publication in a professional journal. If your teacher requests a running head, it is typed flush left at the top of the title page with the label Running head: and the short title in ALL CAPS. Head ings are used to aid in the organization of your paper. Although APA provides five levels of headings, you will seldom use more than one or two. Headings are centered, not in italics, with title capitalization (all major words capitalized). Sub- headings are flush left, italicized, with title capitalization. See Publication Manual, pp. 113-114 for more details. 1. Title page a. double spaced ( CTRL+2 ) b. centered horizontally ( CTRL+E ) and vertically ( PAGE SETUP > LAYOUT ) c. running head if required d. page header (page number one) e. title f. author(s)— no degrees or titles of author(s) g. name of university h. other items as requested 2. Abstract (only if required by instructor) 3. Body of paper a. begins on new page (p. 2, or p. 3 if abstract is present) ( CTRL+ENTER ) b. title of paper is centered on the first line ( CTRL+E ) c. introduction is NOT labeled with a heading 4. References 5.
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