Why do oil and water not mix

Why do oil and water not mix - Under what conditions does...

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Under what conditions does water boil at exactly 100 degrees Celsius? How frequently are these conditions observed in your own environment? What is the ecological importance of the fact that water becomes larger and less dense when it freezes? Water boils at 100 Degrees C at sea level. At high altitude it boils at a lower temperature less atmospheric pressure. When I lived in Denver water boils at about 92. Sea level 212 degrees F, and at 5,000 feet it will be 203 F so it takes longer to cook food because the water cannot get as hot. The gas bubbles in the water can release quicker due to the lack of pressure. So even as the water is boiling it has not achieved the temperature necessary to do what is required. Here are more than a few approximate boiling temperatures of water that are dependent upon the altitude in which you are trying to boil the water. Altitude Temperature Sea Level 212 degrees F 984 ft. 210 degrees F 2,000 ft. 208 degrees F 3,000 ft. 206 degrees F 5,000 ft. 203 degrees F 7,500 ft. 198 degrees F 10,000 ft. 194 degrees F 20,000 ft. 178 degrees F 26,000 ft. 168 degrees F Why do oil and water not mix? Why can detergents and soaps force them to mix? Water is charged positively on the oxygen end, and negatively on the hydrogen end. Oil does not  have a charge (it's neutral), so the oil does not mix with the water. Water has a positive charge on the oxygen end and a negative one on the hydrogen end.
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Oil on the other hand does not have a charge this means it is neutral, so the oil will not mix with the water. Oil and water do not mix and a word for that is immiscible which means they cannot undergo mixing or blending. Oil is a slippery liquid and is burns (it is combustible) and it is not soluble in water. Oil can be used for many different things I will name a few: fuel called petrol (made from oil) oil can be used in homes for heating and it is also used as a
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Why do oil and water not mix - Under what conditions does...

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