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LING 102 01/25/11 Hongjun An Assignment #1 Conversation With Koko It was hard to imagine that animal can understand human's language and thinking which is what they want to say before I watched the video "Conversation with Koko". I have known animal cannot explain their expression through thinking, they just had instinctive retain to touching from outside. However, Koko was special case that animal can have conversation with human. This can be described as new expanded interspecies communication that have never had between human and animal. The differences between humans and gorillas are greatly overshadowed by what we have in common, and that by communicating with them, we not only learn more about their true nature, but also about our own. Most importantly, their future as well as ours may depend upon how well we can learn from and apply this communication. It will be the first step that helps humans and animals to understand and live together. First, I was focused on productivity in that kook has the ability to create new
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