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Calc 1 Lab 8 - MAT 2010 Term I 10—11 LAB 8 Here are some...

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Unformatted text preview: MAT 2010 Term I, 10—11 LAB 8 (9/30/10) Here are some practice questions for the upcoming exariile/ii 5 Thu rs cl 7/ Out. (Hi 1. You have 1000 ft. of fencing. You wish to fence in a rectangular area and, additionally, put in another piece of fencing perpendicular to one pair of sides that divides the area in half. Let x and y be the dimensions of the rectangle. Express the total enclosed area as a fimction of X. 2. Below is data about the number of cell phones (in millions of phones) that were owned worldwide inth‘egizen years ,5 Year 1 1990 r r' 1992 1.1994 1996/5 ~\ 1998‘ i 2000 Dhnnber 1 11 3 ‘ 26 f 60 160 , 340 650 of phones ‘1 /./ r ' _. - 7/“ i a. Make an accurate grapl/ of the data (I have graph paper if you woul 12;: some ) b. If we talk about average or instantaneous rate 01 change 1n this case, hat IS the label (e. g feet/min)? c. Find the average rate of increase between 1990 and 1996. d. Find the average rate of increase between 1996 and 2000. e. Estimate the average rate of Increase between 1991 and 1995 f. Estimate the instantaneous rate of change in 1996 “"” 3. If I "shot an arrow into the air", straight up with an initial velocity of 58 m/sec, the equation that gives how high the arrow is above the ground t sec. afier it was released is s:qo:5&gosmt a, How high is the arrow t = 10 sec afler it is released? b. What is the arrow's average velocity during the time interval fromt = 10 and t = 30? c. Set up and evaluate a limit to find the instantaneous velocity at t = 10. 4. Evaluate each of the following limits If the limit is x —> a, where a is a number and the limit doesn't exist, investigate the limit x -> 3+ and limit x -> a-. lim w a. r—>( 1) x2 —x— 2 lim Q h. (a2 XZ— ——X 2 c. lim W 12—»0 h ...
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