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WORKSHEET 35 - Fall 1995 1. a) Let Ω be the region bounded by the curves y =3 x 2 , y =2 x ,and x = 0. Sketch the graphs labeling the point of intersection in the Frst quadrant. b) ±ind the area of Ω. c) Using discs Fnd the volume of hte solid obtained by revolving Ω about the x -axis. d) Using shells Fnd the volume of the solid obtained by revolving Ω about the y -axis. 2. ±ind the volumes of the following solids using calculus. a) A ball of radius r . b) A right circular cone of radius r and height h . c) A right circular cylinder of height h and radius r . 3. ±ind the volume of the following solids obtained by rotating: a) the region bounded by y =1 /x , x =1, x = y , y = 0 around the y -axis; b) the region bounded by y =arctan x , x =0, y = π/ 4 around the y -axis; c) the region bounded by
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