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Slope – Intercept Form, Standard Form, and Domain & Range Algebra 2 3 SLOPE – INTERCEPT FORM, STANDARD FORM, AND DOMAIN & RANGE Learning Targets: 1. Write and graph equations in slope-intercept form 2. Write and graph equations in standard form. 3. Write and graph equations of horizontal and vertical lines. 4. Write linear equations from context in slope-intercept or standard form 5. Find the domain and range of a function from a graph or of a linear function with restrictions given. Example 1 : If a line goes through the point (0, 5) and has a slope of 2, write the equation of the line in point – slope form. Example 2 : Using your answer to the last example, write y as a function of x and simplify completely. Slope – Intercept Form The slope intercept form of a linear equation is ____________________________________ . where m = __________________________ (rate of change), and b = ____________________________ (initial quantity) (Note: Your book uses the letter a instead of m because that’s what your calculator uses . .. It’s just a symbol … you could write the equation as y = x + ) Example 3 : If the y – intercept of a line is –7, and the slope is 12, write the equation of the line in slope – intercept form.
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slopeintercept_standardform_domainrange - Slope Intercept...

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