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1 Name _____________________________________________________Block ________ Date_________________ Algebra 2- Statistics and Probability Chapter Review Statistics- Calculator Allowed with Applicable Work For exercises 1-4, tell whether the data that can be gathered about each variable are categorical or numerical. 1. months of the year 2. grade point averages 3. a commuter’s mode of transportation 4. a person’s annual salary For questions 5-6 a survey situation is described. Identify what type of graph would best describe the resulting data. 5. Suppose a survey is to be conducted to find out the average number of hours students spend doing homework each night at Air Academy High School. Every fourth student on the school’s computer list will be selected to participate in the survey. This should result in a sample size of about 250 students. 6. A car dealer wants to survey its customers a month after their vehicle purchase. The manager of the dealership divides the list of new owners by the type of vehicle they bought (SUV, car, pickup, or minivan) and then randomly calls ten people from each list. 7. Numerical data are often displayed in a(n) ____________________ or a(n) _____________________. 8. ____________________ data are often displayed in a bar graph or circle graph. 9. In a relative frequency histogram, the horizontal axis shows ________________________________. The vertical axis shows _________________________________________________________________________. For 10 - 12, use the box plot. 10. Between what two numbers do the middle 50% of the data fall? 11. 25% of the data is greater than what number? 12. 25% of the data is less than what number? 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 14 15
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2 13. The table below shows the bushels of corn produced per acre on certain farms in Iowa. Identify: a) 5 # summary ________________________________ b) mean ______________________________________ c) standard deviation ____________________________
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sandprev - Name_Block Date Algebra 2 Statistics and...

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