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INVOICE TO mi - $20.00 HLMT5000 $1350.00 25 T-Shirts $7.00...

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INVOICE Super Skateboarder Builders Inc.  INVOICE #5589 6/3/2003 SSB INC. 1431 Common Ave. Grand Rapids, MI 49504
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TO MI Sporting 3000 Alpine Ave. Grand Rapids MI.  SALESPERSON JOB PAYMENT TERMS DUE DATE John Boeve Invoicing Net 30 6/25 QTY DESCRIPTION UNIT PRICE PRODUCT # LINE TOTAL 50 Entry-Level Skateboards $34.00 ENSB3000 $2250.00 50 Helmets $20.00
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Unformatted text preview: $20.00 HLMT5000 $1350.00 25 T-Shirts $7.00 SHRT4000 $250.00 40 Skateboard First Aid Kits $16.00 FAID6000 $640 SUBTOTAL SALES TAX TOTAL $4,490.00 Make all checks payable to SSB INC. Thank you for your business!...
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