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4-Ch 5 - Chapter 5 Managing MediaPersonnel Number ofpeople...

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Chapter 5 Managing Media Personnel Number  of people employed  in US bcsting relatively small, apx 150,000 in 1993 Men outnumber  women  1.5 to 1. (1974: 4 to 1) avg # radio station employees: 17 Avg # TV station employees: 90 (net affil); 60 (ind) Tech stuff important, but nothing  more important  than  people (As obvious  as that is, employers  do  sometimes forget it) Ò The station  manager Õ s  ultimate success depends  on nurturing  employees Õ   interests and  abilities to strengthen  their competence, productivity, and   satisfaction. Ó Employee turnover expensive & time-consuming.  Sustaining  good  people important Selecting Personnel Small stations: select from unemployed  or entry level Large stations: people coming  from smaller mkts But even lge stations should  develop  staff from within Motivations for change: More money greater security advancement greater satisfaction Recruiting  at Colleges Good  for even small stations Identify quality, low-risk people Finding  Qualified Employees Hardest skills to find: Writing Sales News Under-qualified candidates: lack knowledge  of industry want  to advance rapidly  without  expertise overly impressed  with   Ò glamour Ó  of broadcasting Training  for broadcast careers
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Koppel: broad  liberal arts education  more than  journalism Employers look at: general presentation  of individual writing  skills and  style previous  work experience Employing  Women  and  Minorities Affirmative Action still lives Promoting  diversity  in workplace Makes good  business sense AA officers report to top management 1990s: FCC scrutinized  AA (will Bush-era FCC?) FCC guideline Employ minorities & females to at least half their percentage in area  labor force Minorities on staff more alert to various   Ò publics Ó  in area Issue: right continued  imbalances without   Ò reverse discrimination Ó Quotas unfair to majority  and  minority
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