6-Ch 7&8(Radio)

6-Ch 7&8(Radio) - Chapter7 Managing...

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Chapter 7 Managing Local Programming  (part) Some TV stations phasing  out program  director position. NDs overseeing  news dept Promo  mgrs taking some programming  responsibilities Broadcast Station Programming The Program  Department Two areas of activity: The Program  Director ÒFormulaÓ radio soon after TV start meant little live production Prog Dir little more than  office clerk arrange  anncr scheds counted  record  plays lead over d-js Stations now  try for distinct identity; more premium  on creativity (See list of activities p. 197) Similar scenario for TV Early TV meant  lots of creativity from PD innovation  and  creativity (Oh, really? And  whereÕs the evidence for that?) PD responsible for sound  of radio station and  look-and-sound  of TV station Common  strategic themes: broad  appeal to subsets of mass audiences helping  listener-viewer form tuning  habits controlling audience flow role of PD diminishing Balanced  Programming
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Variety of offerings Radio: rotation  ÒclockÓÑvarious  kinds  of music within  format dayparting: match music to time of day FCC had  required  all stations to appeal to all audiences FCC now  allows stations to provide  specialized  pgm  services Still, even highly formatted  station  does not appeal to same persons all  day long TV:  like early days of radio  mainstream  channels provide  cross-section of programming  for diverse  audiences Networks:  one  program  service through  3 (or 4) conduits Balance in programming  at local level childrenÕs  pgms sometimes even entertainment Program  balance Radio: differing  formats Television: different  schedules Technical Factors (skip this part) Community-Centered Programming Some of greatest satisfaction comes from featuring  local people successful  stations Need  procedures  for determining  local needs
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6-Ch 7&8(Radio) - Chapter7 Managing...

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