7-Ch 7&8(TV) - Chapter 7 Television Station...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 7 Television Station Programming (starting page 236) Aside from net, 2 sources of pgmming: syndication & in-house prd (mainly news) Syndicated Film and Videotape All stations lease rights to film/video product Network show producers lose money on network showing recoup losses on syndication Series generally 100 episodes or more Station leases rights to air episode 5 times over 5 or 6 years Stations generally strip shows (run 5 days a week) High ratings on network and syndication may not work in every market Even high ratings wont work if cost of package too high Better to go with less expensive shows, even with lower ratings Off-net reruns a god bet Series should have had runs of at least 4 or 5 seasons on net Less than 20% of viewers had watched on net, so its still fresh Barter syndication Series goes to station for no cash outlay Distributor holds back commercial minutes for national advertisers Local station gets fewer availabilities, but show costs nothing Station rep researches syndicated shows performance in other markets Also may help negotiate contracts Feature film Attractive purchasefills large block of time, popular with audiences Get rights for 5-7 showings over 4 years Has largely given way to syndicated series, shorter, more easily schedule & flexible Stations film inventories have shrunk over the years Station-Produced Programs Local production often more important than net affiliation Only chance to acquire identifiable local image Many stations dont take advantage of the opportunityshort sighted Some managers say cant appeal to viewers with local programs except news Authors say baloney (or something to that effect) Proliferating cable channels makes local image even more important than ever Avoid dull, studio-based public affairs program that nobody watches Destroys lead-in audience and nothing left for following show Take same care and professionalism that go into commercial spots Preempting Network programs Many affils bumping net shows for locally-produced shows Nets responded by stopping the decline in compensation payments FCC rules changes allowed nets to own more stations, guaranteeing outlets for net shows Local News and Public Affairs Programs News in top-rated local category (surprise, surprise) 1966local & net news began to be profitable Civic unrest or disasterpeople rely on stations to keep them informed Mobile units necessary where significant news occurs daily Adequate equipment good, but adequate people critical Integrity in news/Public Affairs Negative criticism caused reduction in body-count news & graphic...
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7-Ch 7&8(TV) - Chapter 7 Television Station...

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