Review Ch 7&8 (Radio)

Review Ch 7&8 (Radio) - significantly from midwest...

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Review  Questions What is happening  to the program  director position  at many  TV station?  Who is taking over the various  PD responsibilities?  What are the two main  areas of activity in the programming  department? What are some of radio and  television program  directorsÕ common  strategic themes?  How  does "daypart" influence music selection on radio?  How  does the FCC view the concept of programming  balance differently now  than  it  did  in years passed? Why is community-centered  programming  the "key to success"?  Since degregulation  in the 1980s, what has happened  to radio news?  WhatÕs a danger  in covering  community  events in your  newscast?  WhatÕs a "format hole"?  What are the top five radio formats in the midwest  region? What region differs most 
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Unformatted text preview: significantly from midwest tastes? What is meant by the phrase, radio formats follow "where the bodies are"? What format would you recommend to capture the 25-54, upscale, educated, professional audience? What specialized or niche programming format do you think might work well in the Grand Rapids market? If half the radio audience doesnt tune in to AM radio "because theyve been given no reason to," then what reason might you think of to entice them? How has the system of payment or compensation for radio networks evolved over the years? In radio, whats the difference between a network and a program syndicator? How do NPR and APR (now PRI) differ? Who has more listeners, Rush Limbaugh or NPRs Morning Edition ?...
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Review Ch 7&8 (Radio) - significantly from midwest...

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