Review Ch 11 - Chapter11Review 1.

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Chapter 11 Review 1. What 3 key foundational principles were established by the Federal Radio Act of 1927? 2. What were the basic principles that provided the basis for the deregulation of the 1980s? 3. How important are career staffers to FCC commissioners? Why? 4. How much of FCCÕs work is devoted to radio and television? 5. 6. How do broadcastersÕ First Amendment rights compare with those of print media? How has  the Supreme Court ruled on this issue? 7. How do broadcasters protect themselves politically? 8. Does the FCC  make  policy? How have the courts tended to look upon agency policy  initiatives? 9. How have ownership restrictions changed over the years for radio and TV? 10. What is an LMA? How does it affect a station ownerÕs responsibility? 11. What are some common infractions resulting in FCC fines?
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Review Ch 11 - Chapter11Review 1.

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