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CBR 240 Survey of Electronic Media Research paper Due dates: Monday, Oct. 15 — topic proposal 15% of grade Monday, Nov. 12 — First draft Monday, Dec. 3 — final paper 85% (Late papers penalized 10% per calendar weekday) Ten points extra credit if you turn it in at least one week early. Pick a topic having to do with the electronic media and write a paper about it. The paper should be between five and ten pages long. You should do some library research and show at least five different sources. You must cite references for your paper. If you’re at all uncertain about how and where to cite references, ASK! If you make statements of fact and neglect to tell the reader (me) where that information came from, I will deduct points. Internet sources are acceptable, but you must indicate with a URL where the information came from, so I can check to see if it’s credible. Look at the GVSU Library Web Site main page and click on “Evaluating/Citing Web Sites.” Less than half your sources may be from the Internet. I want primarily books and/or
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