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Review documentary - How did Walter Mondale’s campaign...

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Review questions “Dawn of the Eye” segment 10-29-01 How did the hostage takers plan their demonstrations? How did the Carter Administration originally plan to “play” the crisis? Was it a good decision in the long run? What turned the people against the administration? How did media converage of the hostage crisis affect election day? What was Michael Deaver’s job in the White House? How did the networks “play into their [the administration’s] hands?” What did Leslie Stahl learn about words and images?
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Unformatted text preview: How did Walter Mondale’s campaign differ from Ronald Reagan’s? What was Deaver’s new axiom in television? How did the Deaver “book” influence the 1988 Canadian election campaign? What was the point of the so-called “leader’s tour”? What’s the “daily battle” TV news has with campaigners? What did the BBC do that enraged Prime Minister Thatcher? How did the Thatcher government respond? Why did the Director of the BBC resign?...
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