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Review questions Chapter10

Review questions Chapter10 - How did Congress respond What...

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Review questions Chapter 10 — The New Century 2000 How did UHF affect the way the FCC figured national population coverage for station groups? How dominant were AT&T and Time Warner in national cable penetration? How secure were LPTV licenses? How successful were they financially? How was FM going to make the transition to digital that differed from television’s method? How was employment for women and minorities in broadcasting? How about management positions? Where were the lines drawn for another affirmative action battle? What did the FCC do regarding low-power FM? What was its purpose? How did the broadcasting industry feel about it?
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Unformatted text preview: How did Congress respond? What was one important reason that game shows proliferated? Once again, how did the Supreme Court deal with the FCC rule forbidding “adult” programming from 6 AM to 10 PM? How effective was the V-chip? How did voters in one poll feel about broadcast political coverage and the idea of free time for political candidates? How do you account for the responses? How was cable advertising sales doing compared with broadcast sales? How do the authors feel about media coverage of protest movements? How do the authors believe that cyberspace will affect cable and broadcast media?...
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