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Review questions Chapter 1

Review questions Chapter 1 - What prompted the US to enact...

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Review questions Chapter 1 “In the Beginning” In what century was electricity accepted as a useful tool? What was the first instance of voice transmission by wire? What was an early common concern about the telephone? What was Maxwell’s contribution to the development of radio? What did Hertz do? What was Marconi’s vision for “wireless”? Who was ultimately recognized as the inventor of radio transmission? What was the first true radio broadcast of the human voice? What was DeForest’s contribution? Who were the first to really be interested in radio? What was DeForest’s first big public demonstration of live music?
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Unformatted text preview: What prompted the US to enact the Wireless Ship Act? Why was the sinking of the Titanic important in radio regulation? What was the Radio Act of 1912? What was Armstong’s first big discovery? How did AT&T transmit voce across the country? What was the Alexanderson Alternator? Why was ASCAP formed? What was Sarnoff’s vision of radio in 1916? What happened to radio during WWI? What government agency issued radio licenses after the war? How was RCA formed? Who was Charles “Doc” Herrold?...
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