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Review questions Chapter 4 What did the FCC do with FM in 1940 and how was that both good and bad for FM broadcasting? What happened to amateur and private shortwave stations after the outbreak of WWII? What was the Report on Chain Broadcasting? What was its final result? What was the NTSC and what did it do? Why did some criticize the FCC’s action on FM broadcasting in 1941? What was the Mayflower decision? How did the government’s approach to radio in WWII differ from WWI? What was the OWI and what did it do? How did radio stations react to the guidelines set by the Office of Censorship? What were the VOA and AFR? What happened to the development of TV during the war? What instigated and what were the results of a congressional investigation of the FCC? What was the basis of the strike by the AFM? What was the result? What did the government do via radio to combat bigotry and prejudice? What was the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the credit for inventing the principles of
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