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Review questions Chapter 6 Who “won” the first Nixon-Kennedy debate? According to whom? How did networks change their relationship with advertisers and programs? What was “Harvest of Shame?” What development by Motorola made TV remotes possible from vitually anywhere? What manufacturing deal did RCA make that would eventually have vast implications for the electronics industry in this country? Who made the “vast wasteland” speech and what did it represent? What kind of programming was dominant in the early 1960s? What was a serious concern about the content of much television programming? What was the pupose of the All-Channel Receiver Act? What was Telstar 1? COMSAT? What was the Network Election Service, later the News Election Service? What boost did FM get from the FCC? What was television’s role in the aftermath of the Kennedy assasination? How did TV news expand? Why did a federal district court overturn the FCC’s decision in the WLBT case? What was the Red Lion decision?
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