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Samantha Breaux CJR 256 March 31, 2009 Weight Off Her Shoulders Pre-surgery Megan Fischer wore made-in-Germany 34-H bras she said were large enough to double as winter hats. “There was so much attention on my bust that it started defining who I was to people,” Fischer said. “It was a type of prejudice I didn’t want to live with.” Her breasts became such a burden that on December 15, 2008, Fischer trusted Dr. William Kane to take three pounds from each of her breasts in a breast reduction surgery that “was life changing in small and large ways,” she said. Fischer’s breasts were so large they caused back pain and breathing issues. She saw a massage therapist once or twice a month to relieve the knots and tension caused by carrying her large bust. “I didn’t realize it until my doctor said something, but the weight right over my rib cage like that caused breathing difficulties every second of every day,” she said.
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Exercise was particularly difficult. “I had to wear three to four sports bras. With that kind of pressure, you just can’t breath,” Fischer said. Fischer believed her breasts not only defined her figure, but also defined her personality to others. “It was almost like it was the shadow of me
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