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interview with brian - Taylor Baker CJR 256 Interview-Brian...

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Taylor Baker CJR 256 Interview-Brian BASICS 1. Full Name: Brian Dwight Mickens 2. Age-birthday-20, June 2 nd 1998 3. Hometown: Flint, MI-Flint Central High 4. School status: Junior 5. Major-Acting, Broadcasting 6. Graduation Date-2011 CHILDHOOD 1. Where did you grow up? Flint 2. Elementary school? 3. Favorite subject? Social Studies, history interest 4. What did you want to be as a child? Playing pro-football 5. Did you move? Tennessee for college-football, Lane College 6. Have many friends? Still?- yes, two long-time friends 7. Feelings about high school? To a certain extent, because you really don’t know who your friends are until something really happens. You see their colors. People tend to “hate” on you. 8. Involvement/activities? Ran track, boxing since 7, frat in high school-Gappa Delta, football 9. Childhood hero? Red Ranger-power rangers…Jesus and his mother FAMILd 1. Brothers and sisters? One sister-younger
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2. Parent situation?
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