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Lillibridge - Profile FINAL

Lillibridge - Profile FINAL - William Burgess CJR 256...

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William Burgess CJR 256 Mar 31, 2009 Novelist West Michigan author inspired by horse riding school It is just not possible take the Texas out of a girl, even when she has spent much of her life in Marne, Mich. Michigan romance author, Loralee Lillibridge, 73, grew up around rodeos and horses before moving to west Michigan. She is still very passionate about the “hill country”, evident by her debut novel, “Accidental Hero”. “Most of my books are relationship-centered,” Lillibridge said. Accidental Hero is a romance novel concerning a woman who runs a therapeutic horse riding school and the man who loved and left her years ago. He returns feeling broken and unsuccessful, as their relationship struggles while they try to reconcile the past. Much of the novel takes place at the riding school, which has a local connection. When Lillibridge was researching the novel, she went to the Therapeutic Horsemanship of West Michigan, in Coopersville, Mich. THWM is a charitable riding school for young students with physical and emotional disabilities. “They let me come right along and watch the classes,” said Lillibridge. She observed the children bond with the horses and learn self-confidence and focus in the program. Lillibridge has two other novels prepared for publication and both, like her debut novel, will take place in Texas.
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One novel will involve a mother of two who inherits a ranch from a grandmother she never knew she had, and a greedy land surveyor that wants to buy the property.
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Lillibridge - Profile FINAL - William Burgess CJR 256...

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