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Ashley Fritz CJR 256 February 17, 2009 Quotes A Detroit man is faced with the decision of going into debt or being permanently crippled after breaking his arm last Wednesday. Doctors told Erik Steele he may need surgery for his broken arm but Erick has no health insurance and can not pay surgery fees. “He was snowboarding at Mount Holly. He took a jump and his humorous bone snapped” Erik’s brother said. “I feel badly because he doesn’t have any insurance.” Erik is 25 years old and is one of the many young people who encounter medical bills they will not be able to pay. A lot of them can not afford health assurance and many think they will never really need it. “I am not interested in stuff like that, I am kind of passive and detached and really don’t care.
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Unformatted text preview: I have nothing against it. But I don’t really trust in any public figures,” college student Ryan Steele says. During this past election President Obama introduced a health care plan that would give Americans a new option of affordable medical insurance. Accessible to all, young men and women would be included in the health care plan and with the lower cost they may be more interested in an insurance plan. Until then, young people will continue to endure situations like Erick Steele. Erick waits with a temporary cast. He will know if he has to get the $5000 surgery when he goes in to get a permanent cast. Then his decisions begin....
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