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Taylor Baker CJR 256 3-31-09 Feature Story Just across from the State Theatre on East Front Street in Traverse City, sits something new and different—an organic tea bar. In the kitchen window located at the rear of the Serenity Tea Bar & Café, you are sure to see 21-year-old Jack Fivecoate. He hastily prepares all-organic, vegetarian meals made from locally grown produce—and always with a smile on his face. The Traverse City native not only is the cook for the restaurant and café, but the founder and co-owner along with his brother, 28-year-old Kerry Hanley. “We kinda always wanted to do business together,” Hanley said, “I don’t know if either of us really saw it happening—but we’re really glad it did.” Fivecoate’s contribution to the restaurant doesn’t stop with founder and cook; he also researched and developed the many recipes for all the items on the menu. Along with the all-vegetarian selection, Serenity carries over 70 different 100 percent Organic Teas. “What’s interesting and unique about our menu is that I tea-infuse all the dressings, sauces, marinades, soups…and whatever else I can think of,” Fivecoate said. Fivecoate’s support for local businesses is what intrigued him when developing the menu. He wanted to incorporate as much local grown food as possible, and thinks that more restaurants should do the same. Not only is it good for the economy, he says it’s good for the body, too.
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“I believe you are what you eat. So I eat organic, all natural vegetarian food. I think most people have the wrong idea about vegetarians, so I tried to develop a menu that would change their minds…a menu that would show people how delicious eating healthy can be,” Fivecoate
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Serenity_Final - Taylor Baker CJR 256 3-31-09 Feature Story...

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