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PROJ602 - skills you seek I am also fluent in Spanish —...

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Dear: Your advertisement in The Indianapolis Star is of great interest to me. As you can see from my enclosed resume, I have been employed in the marketing department of a successful company for more than four years. Although I enjoy my current place of employment, I feel that I am ready to explore new growth opportunities, such as the one you have available. In addition to my work history, my degree in marketing from the Indiana University School of Business gives me many of the
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Unformatted text preview: skills you seek. I am also fluent in Spanish — ideal for working with your international accounts. I believe that I can be very successful in the fast-paced work environment that you describe, but the only way to find out is to talk with me in person. Please review the enclosed resume and call me at 555-2193 to schedule an interview. Sincerely, Megan L. Taylor...
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