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"AGEC425 8.26.09

"AGEC425 8.26.09 - Not always something monetary...

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AGEC 425 8.26.09 Chapter 1 Will end on Monday, will have quiz sometime after Estate Planning Process where people plan for accumulation, conservation, and distribution of property Estate Planning Process 1. 2. Gather Date 3. Evaluate Existing plan 4. Make New Plan 5. Client Review 6. Implement Plan 7. Periodical Review An Estate All of one’s property assets Property Items, interests, rights, capable of being owned, any valuable asset
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Unformatted text preview: Not always something monetary or worth anything Everything Subject to Ownership Estate Planning Objective Lifetime, Death-time Estate Planning Timeline When Does owning start? When one takes on financial obligations Purpose? Develop plans enhancing, maintaining financial security of clients/families Best Plan? Not necessarily the least taxed, but what satisfies clients the most...
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