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December__9th_(iran) - interactions w the west o Dress...

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December 9 th , 2009 Iran Outside influences- o 1700’s, british o 20 th centrury colonial influence through the British o Iran was occupied during WWI and was a key source of oil The Shah’s rise to power o Reza Sha Pahlavi, a germal sympathizer, to abdicate his throne. o The new ruler of Iran because his son (Mohammed Reza Sha Pahlavi) o During the wear-the shah negotiated post-war Iranian independence. The shah’s reign o Instability o Quasi-democratic system after WWII o Shah put in place many social, political, and economic programs aimed at both modernization and fostering ties w/ the west. o Oil production enabled significant economic growth and modernization o It did not trickle down to everyone o Many traditional muslims felt alienated by the pro-westerners o International relations in the 60’s with Iraq had deteriorated over historic land and resources disputes. Societal Transformations o Brought it into the globa, economy, but also brought cultural change through
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Unformatted text preview: interactions w/ the west o Dress, patters, recreational activities became integrated into Iranian society • Resistance o During the course of the 70’s resistance began to emerge o “puppet of the west” o 73 iran did not join the arab oil embargo against the west so as to reap from profits fro higher oil prices. (alienating it from other muslim nations in the Middle East) • Iranian revolution o Islamic revolution o Began in 78 when there were public demonstrations against shah o Shah feld iran in 79 • Theocracy o Theocracy-a government informed by divine guidance or by officials who are divinely guided o Theocracies take their mandate from a divine figure. • Popular revolution • Societal transformations A key aspect of the Islamic revolution is that it brought Islamic fundamentalism into the political realm. Religion became more public as traditional religious values were enfouced....
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