March_2 - • Different political communities same...

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ANTH 205 2-Mar-10 Social Conflict and Violence Interpersonal conflict o Individual violence o Killing and cruelty o Family and lovers o Neighbors and residents Banditry Feuding o Long-term retributive violence o Families o Groups of families o Tribes Ethnic conflict o An ethnic group’s attempt to gain more autonomy or more equitable treatment o Genocide or ethnocide o Groups within states Revolution o Political crisis initiated by illegal and usually violent actions by subordinate groups that seek to change political institutions o Large range of societies o Rural vs. urban sectors Warfare o A form of intergroup fighting done by socially organized combat teams coupled with the notion of “social substitutability” whereby any member of the enemy group is a legitimate target o Social substitutability distinguishes feud from true war. o Types of war Feuding Same political community Internal
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Unformatted text preview: • Different political communities, same culture/society External • Different political communities, different culture/society • War o Any sort of inter-group fighting between socially organized and recognized groups Substitutability Not murder/assault • Not directed at one particular person Headhunting • What o Taking the severed head of a victim ANTH 205 2-Mar-10 • Where o Melanesia and Amazonia among other places • Tsantsa (Shuar) • Status-conferring (trophy) • Feasting rituals • Ritual objects in post-raid ceremonies o Along with drinking cups and heirlooms • Status-conferring (manhood) • Augment supernatural power of warriors • Pacify evil spirits • Predatory • Excludes reciprocity • Temporary benefit (revenge/spirit) • Continued violence • Non-kin based groups...
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March_2 - • Different political communities same...

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