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ANTH 205 Kyapo 18-Feb-10 Historical Setting Frontier Phase: 1900-1950 o Extractive zone o Low population density o Weak social organization o River based travel o Chaotic landholdings o Decentralized power Crafting the State: 1950-1988 o Road based travel o Streamline property holdings o Agricultural monocropping o State sponsored migrations o Inward-oriented economic growth o Megadevelopment projects o Founding of FUNAI Democratization: 1988-Present o Demarcation of protected areas and indigenous reserves o Decentralized government and state open to foreign capital o Rise of non governmental organizations o High profile movements: environmental and indigenist
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Unformatted text preview: o Expansion of frontier zones Timber • Tracking down Mahogany o One of the most valued species worldwide o Deals with individual communities and chiefs o Reaction from environmental community o Money to serve village needs o Lavish spending patterns o Logging stopped by 2001 • The after math of Timber o Negative social consequences Intervillage fighting (15 villages) Health problems Dangerous village and urban relationships Loss of future generation’s ability to “know” surroundings...
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