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ANTH 205 Kayapo 13-Feb-2010 Kayapo Location- Brazil o Dispersed across the map in villages o Circular villages (plaza area) Population ~8,000 Language- Ge Swidden Agriculture o Hunt, fish, forage, animal jusbandry Medicine man (Wayanga) Types of bees o Docile Woman can harvest this kind of honey o Stinging Men usually harvest this kind of honey, and the others o Biting o Blister-causing Honey o Taste, acidity, quality found
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Unformatted text preview: o Time of year the nest can be raided Nest o Nest site (tree, earth, vines, abandoned termite hills) o Height of nest from the ground o The shape and size of the entrance tube o Nest size Manioc Plant There are bitter manioc, and sweet manioc Rocou dye Red dye they use for fun or ceremonies Annatto Urucum...
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