"ANTH 205 Quiz 2 Review

"ANTH 205 Quiz 2 Review - Quiz2Review Anth205...

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Quiz 2 Review Human Cultural Diversity Anth 205 Subsistence Adaptation Utility Food Collectors Food Producers Foraging Foraging Strategies Pastoralism Pastoral Strategies Horticulture Horticultural Strategies Intensive Agriculture Shifting Cultivation Kayapó Subsistence Patterns Symbolic Ecology Nature Culture Nature/Culture Social Construction of Nature Talk about the Environment Human Environment Interactions Plants and Transformations Ecological Engagement Ethnobotany Richard Evans Schultes Kayapo Examples Garden Magic Women’s knowledge Chantings/Blessings Warding off spirits Dog Medicine Ayahuasca Preparation Reasons for taking Results Definitions Raymond Williams suggested modern ideas about nature are: 1 The essential quality or character of something 2 The inherent force that directs the world and human beings 3 The external material world itself Friendship How do you become friends? Characteristics of friends?
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"ANTH 205 Quiz 2 Review - Quiz2Review Anth205...

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