1-February_2 - A NTH 205 Kinship and Community Human In...

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ANTH 205 Kinship and Community 2-Feb-10 Human Interdependence Survival enhanced when organized into groups Relatedness—socially recognized ties Kinship—marriage, birth, and nurturance o Enmeshes people in a web of relatives o Rights and responsibilities o Life together is organized o Rights and obligations o Sometimes based on age and sex o Descent a major factor in understanding kinship Key Kinship terms Marriage—union between two people Descent—birth Adoption—nurturance Generation o Distinguishes relatives according to the generation to which the relatives belong Gender—used to differentiate kin o Aunt Father’s sister, mother’s sister Father’s brother’s wife, mother’s brother’s wife Affinity—connection through marriage Relative age o Same category may be distinguished by age (older/younger brother) Descent Permanent social unit whose members claim common ancestry Transmission and incorporation A lineage o Common descent from an apical ancestor o All persons in that lineage are equal in law to all others o Control property as a unit o Have the same legal and political status
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1-February_2 - A NTH 205 Kinship and Community Human In...

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