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Homework 02 BCHM 562 F08 1) A solution containing 0.1 M compound A is incubated at 25°C and pH 7 with an enzyme that catalyzes the transformation of A to B. At equilibrium, the concentrations of A and B are measured and determined to be 11 mM and 89 mM, respectfully. Calculate K´eq and ∆G°´ for this reaction at 25°C. 2) ∆G°´ for the reaction shown below is -7.1 kJ · mol -1 . What is the ratio of glucose 1-phosphate (G1P) to glucose 6-phosphate (G6P) when equilibrium is reached at 25°C? 3) A. The ∆G°´ for the hydrolysis of phosphoarginine to inorganic phosphate and arginine is – 31 kJ · mol -1 . Determine the free energy change at 25°C and pH 7 in cells, where the concentrations of reactants and products are: [P i ] = 5 mM, [arginine] = 2.6 mM, and [phosphoarginine] = 6.8 mM. B. The ∆G°´ for the hydrolysis of the coenzyme Acetyl CoA is – 32 kJ · mol -1 . How can you explain the presence of mM concentrations of this compound in cells? 4) Using the Michaelis-Menton equation, show why v
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Unformatted text preview: becomes independent of [S] when [S]>>Km. 5) An enzyme that converts a single substrate to a single product has kinetics conforming to the Michaelis-Menton equation with a K m of 1 µM and an initial velocity of 0.1 µM-1 min-1 at [S] equal 100 µM. What is the initial velocity when [S] equals: (A) 1 mM, (B) 1 µM, and (C) 2 µM 6) Fumarase has a molecular weight of 194,000 and is composed of four identical subunits, each with fully functional active sites. If V max is 5 mM min-1 at an enzyme concentration of 1 x 10-8 M, calculate the k cat for fumarase. 7) In the double-reciprocal plot shown in the ±gure below, 1/v versus 1/[S] is plotted in the presence of four different ±xed concentrations of compound I, a reversible inhibitor. Based on the data plotted below, what type of inhibitor is compound I? Explain your answer. What parameter(s) of the Michaelis-Menton equation is given by the intercept on the 1/v (Y) axis? A B...
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