DNA_structure - Genetic Material Patterns of inheritance...

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Genetic Material Patterns of inheritance can be explained by chromosome segregation How do chromosomes transmit heritable traits? Chromosomes made of proteins and NDA Which molecule contains the genetic information There is a long history of experimentation to answer these questions Functions of Genetic Material What does genetic material need to do Store information in stable form Information must be readable Information must be replicated Information must be equally partitioned during cell division Information must change (evolution) But not too much Experimental work on genetic material: Fredrick Griffith Medical officer who did work on Streptococcus Pneumonia (1928) Hw was actually looking for a vaccine against pneumonia Found a clue about genetic material Used two strains: smooth vs rough Smooth appearance: virulent strain Causes disease Rough Appearance: nonvirulent strain Harmless mutant Griffith Experiment -1 Smooth Bacteria Virulent strain Injected into mice Mouse dies No surprise Virulent strain Conclusion: smooth strain is indeed virulent (control) Griffith Experiment -2 Rough bacteria Nonvirulent strain Inject into mice Mouse lives No surprise Nonvirulent strain Conclusion: rough strain is indeed nonvirulent (control)
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Griffith experiment -3 Smooth bacteria Heat kill Inject into mouse Mouse lives No surprise Bacteria dead Conclusion: heat treatment kills bacteria Griffith experiment -4 Heat kill smooth bacteria Mix with live rough bacteria
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DNA_structure - Genetic Material Patterns of inheritance...

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