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December 16, 8 AM FINAL The theory of evolution “Just a theory” Puts it on the same level as Atomic structure Cubic model Rutherford/Bohr model Quantum mechanics The attraction of large bodies in space Gravitation General relativity Confusion of evolution Confusion of ideas Evolution The origin of life Religion Origin of life is not known Some ideas, some date, no solid conclusions Supposed conflict between religion and evolution Two ideas of evolution Consists of two ideas Evolution (change) has occurred Change in organisms is well documented Natural selection is a mechanism that can drive evolution The theory of natural selection is well supported The poster boys of evolution Alfred Wallace and Charles Darwin Evolution Idea of evolution actually predates Darwin and Wallace Ancient Greek philosophers ~520 B.C. De Buffon suggested evolution occurred Said that the environment was the agent of change Proposed no mechanism, only an agent Provided no facts or experimentation The idea suffered for a lack of support and clarity Influences on Charles Darwin Influences on Darwin and his proposed mechanism of evolution Lyell’s Principles of Geology
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Catastrophism vs. uniformitarianism The steady accumulation of very small changes Artificial selection Rapid change in animals/plants over generations T. Malthus : observation of excess reproduction Journey on the H.M.S. Beagle (1831) Observations of variation in the Galapagos
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10-NaturalSelectionnotes - Evolution Natural Selection...

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