DI - Fall 09 Syllabus 97-03-1

DI - Fall 09 Syllabus 97-03-1 - The Dramatic Imagination:...

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Course Number: THE 0805 - Section: 001 - CRN: 075919 Tuesday/Thursday 2:00 PM - 3:20 PM Tuttleman Learning Center 101 Entrance on 13 th Street, North of Montgomery (#59 Campus Map) Instructor : Jennifer Jacobs, M.A. Telephone : 408-314-2418 (Cell Phone: Any time) Email : jajacobs@temple.edu Office Hours : Immediately following class (3:20-4pm) or by appointment Tuesday or Thursday TA: Carl Granieri, M.A. Phone: 609-505-3674 (Cell Phone: 6:00am – 10:00pm) Email: cgranieri@temple.edu Theatre Dept : 209 Tomlinson Hall -1301 W. Norris Street (#50 Campus Map) REQUIRED TEXT: The Essential Theatre by Oscar G. Brockett and Robert J. Ball Wadsworth Publishing ISBN: 978-0495090373 Additional readings posted on Blackboard COURSE OBJECTIVES: “Performative elements are present in every society, no matter how complex or how unsophisticated the culture may be.” – Oscar G. Brockett Performance is a natural part of the human condition, this element of humanity grew into the performing arts. This class will explore the importance of performance in our daily lives, how we use performance to define ourselves, and how we perform identity. This class will explore how a group of artists work together in the creation of a piece of performing art. The class will also explore the importance of the audience to the performing arts and the responsibilities that artists and audiences have to the work on the stage. Finally we will explore the vital role of the imagination in the creation of art and in life in general. This class will also explore the place of performing arts in society , with an emphasis on the place of the performing arts in Philadelphia; as well as how and why the arts are valued or not. This course will take advantage of the rich performing arts community in Philadelphia by requiring students to attend 8-9 performances on-campus and in Philadelphia during the semester. We will also take advantage of the large pool of artists in the city as guests in classes, who can give students a first-hand account on how they create performance art and their view of its place in society. This class seeks: 1. To challenge students to re-think their own relationship to the arts. 2. To discuss and examine the place of the artist in society and the artist as a member of society. 3. To understand how and why the performing arts speaks to us on a human-scale. 4. To understand how a performance is created from conception to presentation. 5. To understand the role of the audience during a live performance. 6. To develop the ability to understand and articulate what we like about performances and why. 7. To understand how the performing arts are immediate reflections of current society. 8.
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DI - Fall 09 Syllabus 97-03-1 - The Dramatic Imagination:...

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