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FYS141 Fall 2010 Syllabus

FYS141 Fall 2010 Syllabus - FYS 141-First Year Seminar...

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9/11: A Historical Survey Contact: Via Vista email Teaching Assistant: Alissa Oliverson, Undergraduate, NAU Contact: Via Vista email Class #: 1107-8622- Lecture Hours: 4-6:30pm, Tuesday Credit hours: 3 Location: WA Franke College of Business (building 81), Room #110 Office hours: By appointment Course prerequisite: Not open to students with more than 30 units Course Description In this course, we will employ critical thinking and communication skills to understand the historical context and contemporary accounts of the events of 9/11/2001. We will consult: government agency reports related to U.S. foreign and domestic policy prior to and following 9/11, advance warning of the attacks, standard operating procedures, flight timelines, and eyewitness accounts of events. Among questions we will ask: how is the attack contextualized historically and politically? Could the events of 9/11 been prevented? Was there sufficient post- attack accountability? Could it happen again? This course falls within the Social & Political World distribution block of the Liberal Studies program, and covers several essential skills: oral communications, critical thinking and writing, ethical reasoning, independent qualitative research, and working in groups. Emphasis is placed on oral communications. Overall Course Objectives By the end of this course students will: Understand and critically reflect on the historical and political significance of 9/11/2001, both internationally and domestically. Explain the failure of national security and evaluate its consequences. Appreciate how political orientations and values structure various political understandings of the events leading up to, and after, 9/11/2001. Develop effective written and oral communication skills using media of choice. Develop critical thinking skills. Specific Objectives: Mission of the Liberal Studies Program: The Mission of the Liberal Studies Program at Northern Arizona University is to prepare students to live responsible, productive, and creative lives as citizens of a dramatically changing world. To accomplish this mission, NAU provides a program that challenges students to gain a deeper understanding of the natural environment and the world’s peoples, to explore the traditions and legacies that have created the dynamics and tensions that shape the world, to examine their potential contributions to society, and thus to better determine
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their own places in that world. Through the program students acquire a broad range of knowledge and develop essential skills for professional success and life beyond graduation. This course focuses on the following objective from the Mission of the Liberal Studies
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FYS141 Fall 2010 Syllabus - FYS 141-First Year Seminar...

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