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Silabo2011-SIP0 - College of Arts and Letters Department of...

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College of Arts and Letters Department of Modern Languages Spanish Immersion Program: SPA 121, 122, 221, 222 Spring of 2011 Credits: 16 hours Instructor : Daniel R. Serpas Office: BAA 305 Meeting days/time : Phone : (928) 523-7633 M-Th-08:30 – 01:45 E-mail : [email protected] F: 08:30 ~ 11:00 Office Hours: M-TH: 02:00-02:45 or by appointment. I. Course Description: The Spanish Immersion Program (SIP) is designed to give the student a proficiency in Spanish that will satisfy routine social demands and limited work requirements. The student’s background, aptitude, and application will determine the level of language proficiency acquired. The Spanish Immersion Program will take the student from the equivalent of Spanish 101 through Spanish 202. At the end of the first three weeks, the student will be able to understand the main idea of some of the supporting details of spoken Spanish in the present and past tenses, will be able to read simple, edited written material, write short compositions, understand some cultural traits and be able to initiate and respond verbally to communicative tasks and social situations. By the end of the session the student will be able to initiate, sustain and close a general conversation, create narratives and descriptions, read and critically analyze and evaluate texts with predictable discourse structure, and be able to comprehend conversational discourse as well as the main idea and salient supporting details of extended listening passages. The student will be able to have a greater understanding of the culture as reading cultural material is incorporated into the course on a daily basis, (1/2 and hour a day) the students discuss the differences and compare these to their own culture. The student has a journal and writes about given topics. The journal is handed in every Friday. 150-250 minimum word compositions are written, depending on the level, and then handed back for corrections. For better results in this class, the student has the responsibility, and will be expected by the instructor, to speak and practice the target language (Spanish) amongst the fellow students and instructors, at all times during the allocated time (8:30-02:00). Attitude, discipline and dedication are three major factors of language acquisition (willingness to understand and accept the culture; working hard in the regular basis; speaking Spanish and all times). This course supports the  Mission of the Liberal Studies Program because it prepares  21 st  century students to live responsible, productive, and creative lives as citizens of a  dramatically changing world. This course supports the efforts of this institution to  develop citizens that can interact with people from all over the world. This course helps 
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students who do not want to be shut out of the dynamics that shape the world, dynamics  that will increasingly become de-centered. The nature of this course emphasizes the 
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Silabo2011-SIP0 - College of Arts and Letters Department of...

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