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Lecture 24, cont’d Aquatic Systems - light must go through water to be available for photosynthesis Rate of photosynthesis vs. depth in 3 lakes in California light is necessary for aquatic productivity but it is not a limiting factor - productivity peaks where there is upwelling - maybe nutrients are limiting Figure out where nutrients are in the ocean Test: duck farms dumped into Moriches Bay - phytoplankton taking up Nitrogen and increasing productivity - phosphorous just adding up - nitrogen is more likely limiting than phosphate
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Some parts of the ocean have both Nitrogen and phosphate but are still not productive - Iron is likely limiting Test: add Iron, get increasing productivity Ocean: Nitrogen probably most limiting but in some areas is Iron Freshwater - light and temperature effect productivity but nutrients more important Schindler: whole lake nutrient experiments Carbon and nitrogen vs. Carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous - phosphorous is limiting productivity Phytoplankton vs. Phosphorous green-soup lakes clear lakes
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emery_lecture_24-b - Lecture 24, contd Aquatic Systems -...

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