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Lecture 24- communities and productivity I. key concepts and definitions Autotrophs – “self-feeders” – organisms that assimilate energy from either sunlight or inorganic compounds into carbon-carbon bonds of organic compounds Heterotrophs – “other-feeder” – organism that obtains energy and materials by eating other organisms Photosynthesis 6CO s  + 6H 2  C 6 H 12 o 6  + 6O 2 - primary production: chemical energy generated by autotrophs derived from fixation of  carbon - primary productivity – rate at which energy is accumulated in plants by the process of  photosynthesis - gross primary productivity (GPP) – total amount of carbon fixed by autotrophs in an  ecosystem - net primary productivity (NPP) – balance between GPP and respiration
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Unformatted text preview: Measuring primary productivity: II. Patterns of productivity- most oceans have very low net primary production-topical rainforests very high NPP (also savannas and coastal)- coral reef is very low- ocean NPP is 46% even though 2/3 of planet is water Terrestrial productivity- length of growing season important moisture is limiting factor for growth (more cloud cover, less sun)- tropics:- warm- wet- lots of sun- long growing season- arid 30 o longitude- hot- long growing season- no water- temperate- water- cooler- shorter growing season- poles- cold- dry- short growing season get shift in composition in addition to increase in NPP if give fertilizer to wet and dry meadow...
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emery_lecture_24 - Measuring primary productivity: II....

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