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CLCS_335_Lecture_10_1 - Punishes those who commit Hubris o...

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CLCS 335 Lecture 10/1/08 Artemis central to: o Hunting o Marriage o Sexuality o Space (woods) o Presides over virgins Once sexually active, females “belong to” Hera and Aphrodite o Blood most prominent image Hunting Menarche Sacrifice o Courtship equivalent to hunting Apollo o Apollo “ideal” Greek god Perfectly symmetrical body God of chariots/charioteers o God of: Healing/Disease Prophecy Controls orderliness and structure of events Mathematics
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Unformatted text preview: Punishes those who commit Hubris o Son is Asclepius o So Greek that he seems “un-Greek” o Kouros Boy/young teen Not sexually mature Does not have a beard Has long hair (female/pre-male) o Many epithets o Initiates boys Appears as an ephebe • Youth/on the threshold o Son of Zeus and Leto o At birth immediately flees to Delphi Kills Python and takes control of Delphi o Limits involved in Prophecy Healing Music...
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