December_2 - (equating the product with other attributes,...

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COM 318 2-Dec-09 Visual Persuasion The images and visual cues around us affect our actions and behaviors o Print, TV, Outdoor media, Web, Personal styles, statements, Art, Graffiti, buses. o Powerpoints/Oral communication; Visual persuasion is all pervasive Iconicity An image can stand for an idea or a concept o Restroom signs, street signs, cowboy (Marlboro man) Icons because representations of people, events or things Images convey selective meaning—accentuate meanings Images may also stimulate reality that does not exist Indexicality Ability of an image to document a larger event or set of events o Planes hitting towers to represent 9-11-2001 Indexical images often function as a form of sign reasoning Images can be created/staged Syntactic Indeterminacy Images do not have to be logical. They can create associations that might not make sense if expressed verbally o Car ads with sexy women, cigar ads, logo poster, Smirnoff Ads
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Unformatted text preview: (equating the product with other attributes, building associations Architecture—as a form of influence • Our physical environment affects how we communicate • Structures/spaces shape people perception and behavior o Cathedrals vs. one-room country churches, offices with cubicles vs. corner office Art as persuasion COM 318 2-Dec-09 • Political influences of WPA images o Dorothea Lange—the great depression o National Parks and Ansel Adams o Socially and politically inspired art “Popular Art” and persuasion • Activist art o Engage to increase the public’s social consciousness/effect change • Collaborative art/participatory art o The AIDS Memorial Quilt Take home messages • Visual persuasion is all pervasive • Advertising, media clutter—different techniques to achieve a purpose • Shock Ads • Visuals are deceptive...
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December_2 - (equating the product with other attributes,...

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