November_12 - • Men/women restroom signs • Indexes o...

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COM 204 12-Nov-09 Semiotitions are people who study symbols Like in the DaVinci Code Everyday Semiotics The Peninsula Hotel—Beverly Hills o Article describing how manager has perfected his semiotics to tell what guests are wealthy versa those who aren’t Pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness Semiotics: “the study of how signs operate in society” Osborne, R. (2002) SIGNS are composed of Signifier (sound/image) Signified (concept—what it means to us) o Similar to tenor and vehicle o Signifier:vehicle :: signified:tenor The relation between signifier and signified is arbitrary—completely learned Someone from another culture may not know what the sign means Perce says there are 3 types of signs Icons o When the sign resembles the idea or object itself Photograph Drawings/illustrations showing something
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Unformatted text preview: • Men/women restroom signs • Indexes o When the sign has a relationship to the idea or object being communicated, but the sign does not represent the idea or object itself Sign for deer caution—image of object on a “caution” sign means that caution, there is a possible animal somewhere Where there’s smoke, there’s fire… • Symbols o When the relationship between sign and idea or object is arbitrary COM 204 12-Nov-09 Letters (alphabet) Zodiac signs Other terms to consider • Onomatopoeia o A word for a sound (boom, pow, pop, Kaabam, meow, moo) • Denotation o Dictionary definition o Cram—means to stuff, or to study last minute • Connotation o Cram—depending on context…usually used as cramming for exam...
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November_12 - • Men/women restroom signs • Indexes o...

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