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COM 318 2-Nov-09 Message Sensation Value Communication can be used in other ways to create more powerful messages o Anit-drug PSAs Audience-centered message design: Message Sensation Value Aimed towards people who are high sensation/thrill seekers, love horror movies, etc. Problem: High sensation seekers are up to 10 times as likely to experiment with drugs A bigger problem: Most anti-drug PSAs suck o What makes some anti-drug PSAs better than others? Visuals of what happens works better than saying this could happen The research o Content analysis of 110 PSAs on all the dimensions that might make a
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Unformatted text preview: difference o Experiment to test whether high MSV PSAs are more effective than low MSV PSAs • Results o People who are high in Sensation Seeking (HSS) responded most favorably to PSAs that were high in Message Sensation Value High MSV messages were those that had intense imagery, lots of sound, acted out consequences of drug use, and used an unexpected format to present the message As a result of viewing the PSAs so many times as part of the coding process, it seemed that HSS people high in NFC also responded best to PSAs with a high cognitive value....
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