1-September_11 - COM 318 Attitude-Behavior Consistency...

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COM 318 11-Sep-09 Attitude-Behavior Consistency Attitudes have been assumed to drive human behavior Attitudes are not consistent with people’s behaviors o Ex: May want to loose weight, but don’t exercise/work at it o Inconsistency might be because of Social pressure Attitudes-Behavior Link is Strongest when: Multiple attitudes aren’t confused with single attitudes. o We may have multiple viewpoints on an issue o Ex: Do you want to exercise? Is exercise a good thing? Does exercise make you feel good? All these have different attitudes There are repeated opportunities for behavior o Consistency across time is more reliable indicator than a one-shot observation. Ex: first date with someone might not go well or they may do something that annoys you. Next date could be better. Attitudes are based on personal experience and direct observation (as opposed to “hearsay”) o Ex: Someone may exercise and loose weight. You think, “Wow, I need to start exercising so I can loose weight too.” Attitudes are central to the belief system
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1-September_11 - COM 318 Attitude-Behavior Consistency...

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