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"August 31 - Com 318 31-Aug-09 social influence...

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Com 318 31-Aug-09 social influence without intending to, a source changes the attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors of those who are subjected to the messages of the source. Compliance gaining Focuses on behavior change without necessarily involving attitude or belief change. Studied only in face-to-face What persuasion is…and is not Contrary to what your book says, intent is important, as is the success of the attempt to persuade unsuccessful successful No intent Behavior Social influence Intent Attempt to persuade persuasion INTRApersonal Communication? Uh….I think not. It’s called thinking (Human) communication happens between two or more people o “Talking to yourself: is not communication. It’s thinking out loud o Talking vs. communicating Making noise doesn’t mean you are exchanging ideas with another person o Cognition vs. communication Thinking what you are going to say isn’t communicating Aroma as communication? Aroma: Not communication unless it’s used deliberately to influence you
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"August 31 - Com 318 31-Aug-09 social influence...

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