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Com 318 28 August 2009 Difference between persuasion and manipulation Ethics are compromised when deception is involved or when information is concealed Receivers should have access to all the information they might consider important to make a good decision Deception removes some aspects of the receiver’s free will Once can be good at persuasion without being manipulative Difference between Compliance Gaining and persuasion Persuasion o Change in attitudes, beliefs, values o Umbrella term Compliance gaining o Focused on changing behavior, getting someone to do what you want Propaganda (income tax propaganda cartoon, YouTube)
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Unformatted text preview: • Seven basic appeals in propaganda o Plain folks appeal (“I’m one of you”) o Testimonials o Bandwagon effect (everybody’s doing it) o Card-stacking (telling only one side of the story) o Transfer of positive or negative associations o Glittering generalities (idealistic language, patriotism) o Name-calling (racist, tree-hugger, etc.) Distinguishes propaganda from other forms of persuasion • Strong ideological bent • Institutional in nature (organizations, government, corporations) • Uses mass media to persuade • Ethically suspect methods of influence (ends justify the means)...
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